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The Summer Garden

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Embeds 0 No embeds. Man oh man. This book was filled with drama and angst.

TBH: Book 3: The Summer Garden

I was so angry at Tatia at times and then so angry at Alexander. But as always they pull through everything because their love for each is true. Tatia has to be one of my favorite book heroine. She is brave, smart, caring, loving, strong and selfless.


She is beyond amazing. This woman is a super woman. She has to be after everything she's been through. And God, is she loyal and faithful. I just love her so much even though at times she is too naive for her own good.

And Alexander, I love him just as much. Boy does he f up in this book but he does redeem himself. His love for Tatia is just surreal. I think I love that most about him. As much as Tatia loves him, he loves her just as much. She goes above and beyond for him. But Alexander proves he loves her just as much even though he is not perfect.

He believes she to be and she can save him and his soul. Their love has to be the greatest love I've read so far. And I'm an avid reader. I read books per week depending on the length of the book. Words just can't explain how much I love their story. A story of true love, one that endures the worse possible situations, finds each other no matter what or where and a love that never wavers or cease.

I highly recommend this book to all my avid romance novel readers. You will not be disappointed. My only regret is that I took too long to read the book. I saw it in my recommendations but I put off reading it because I was afraid it would suck me in like it did. I was afraid I would become obsessive and read 24 hours around the clock.

A Reader of Fictions

The kind of crazy you get when you start an all encompassing book. This book will consume you. It will rip you apart, make u cry, make you laugh, give you hope, make you believe.

Paullina Simons Discusses Her New Novel. Summer garden

It will leave you breathless. Do not stall buy it and read it!! I loved the bronze horseman and I'm not sure that it should have been a trilogy. The ending of BH was so perfect The two subsequent books don't quite measure up imo. This book is still great. But BH is the story of an extraordinary timeless love whereas summer garden is a somewhat soap opera style story of a married couple, with a million references back to "our time in lazarevo" to remind us why Tatiana and Alexander are so special.

I almost wish I hadn't read the next two books and had left myself with that incredible bittersweet feeling upon finishing bronze horseman. It is a saga that goes beyond the traditional story. It is a love story in the worlds most evil setting. The final book was difficult at times because of the extremely real life circumstances.

There was no glossing over the hard parts of living after coming back from war. It was a love story come full circle. Of family and the bonds that keep them strong. This series takes you through the worst parts of history, but keeps you from totally losing it by giving you the most beautiful love story! All of these books are LONG but you will never notice because you will be riveted to these masterfully written pages.

Paullina Simon is a skillfully talented author. You must read to truly understand her genius.