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This video by Kelly-Ann Maddox explores some of the negative, unheal New Years is a powerful time where each of us stands at a precipice, poised and ready to make big changes and create big magick. If you have been less than organized in past years, however, and want to really change things up, then this is the reading for you!

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This reading will outline where your. Please feel free to add Winter Witch Tarot Reading, Magick in Winter tarot reading, witch life tarot reading, tarot spread for witches, winter tarot, tarot reading. Does winter give you the dull-drums, or have you singing the winter blues? Does the sight of snow put a damper on your magick and connection to the earth? If so, this reading may be just the pick-me-up you and your magickal practise needs!

As witches, we honour the seasons as they come and go, and.

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This is the perfect gift to get for that special someone in your life who has always wanted to get a reading, or do some personal work, but you know would never purchase it for themselves. This purchase option allows you to give them the gift of a customized tarot reading just for them, perfect for.

My Name is The Morrigan features a soft, velvety cover and beautifully illustrated full-colour images on each page by the amazing Arna Baartz.

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Published in by The Girl God publishing, this book is perfect to read to your children to introduce the concepts of a darker goddess in a way that is. Thank you everyone!!!!!

I have the best bosses I could possibly ask for, who know my employment history and are happy to take me with my mish-mashed knowledge and experience. I know I bring a lot of good things to the table where I am, but I also know that due to how my previous employers worked things that I have weak areas too that I will be working to strengthen for a little while. I'll be working very part-time, but I'm happy with that, because I can still run things at Stellar Tarot just fine.

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I love having this blog, the YouTube channel and doing readings for my clients and I don't want to st…. As The Earth Begins to Die.

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October 04, Stones crunch and roll beneath my boots and the salmon who finished spawning give up their bodies to the earth laying like so many offerings on the shore. The mist that settles in at my collar collects and makes a sacred trail down towards my spine.

How can trees that are so wet look so engulfed in fire with their leaves change from alive, to breathtaking, to I see the shifty scavenger at my peripherals, and sense the quiet about the descent as the earth prepares for sleeping I prepare for my own descent, of sorts. Touching the frigid water to my forehead, I saw a silent prayer of thank you I fiddle with a stone in my pocket and remember the richness of colour in this moment, as the earth begins to die. Please do not reproduce or publish any part of this poem without the author's permission and full credit and link back to this post and website.

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September 26, My husband and I have had a hard time this month with our oldest child who is smack dab in the middle of her challenging teenage years, and just started her first year of high school. Stack up meaningful and sparkling treasures that symbolize protection and luck. From the Tarot Magic collection, shimmering symbols like the hamsa hand, sparkling keys and evil eye are stylish talismans. Tarot Magic Pendant, Blue, Gold-tone plated. Follow us:. Validating the whole form on blur of a field is no option, as the customer does not want to see error messages on all fields when entering one field. Your browser blocks cookies, please enable cookies and reload to continue using the website.