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The President outlines the changes implied by the Reform of the Third Sector. This means convening another meeting to make the necessary modifications to the statute in line with the new regulations. The new electronic invoicing system needs to be activated so that access can be made to the passive invoice system available through the data interchange network of the national Tax Office.

The association must then have direct access to this network, also providing this link to the accountancy office that is responsible for the drawing up of the balance sheet and other fiscal and legal matters regarding the association. Having distributed copies to all present, the budget was read, noting income membership fees and outgoings. It was emphasized that a large part of the expenses required to organize the XI Conference was provided by research funds that the President had left over from previous years. From this year on, the JJIF alone must take on the costs of all events and initiatives.

Members approve, and so the changes will be made to the statute at the next meeting. The President, Franca Ruggieri, informed the meeting of the current discussion regarding the James Joyce Open Letter that has been sent to all Joycean associations, including our own Foundation.

Space Catacombs: Spazio:

This condemns the frequency of sexual and psychological harassment and abuse in Joycean circles. The letter had been made available to all members when it first arrived at the JJIF email address. Indeed, the President sent a short reply on 19th December , expressing her solidarity, also on behalf of the Foundation, and stating that the matter would be discussed at the JJIF annual meeting.

Various members then contributed to the ensuing discussion and problematic issues and different arguments were raised. However, all were in agreement in fully condemning any sexist behaviour, and anyone behaving in such a manner, although, to our knowledge, nothing of the kind has occurred during any of the events organized by our own small association.

The association received seven applications for the Giorgio Melchiori Grant. After verifying that just three of the candidates had the requisites to take part in the selection, the commission, composed of Franca Ruggieri, Enrico Terrinoni and Serenella Zanotti, assigned the two Giorgio Melchiori Grants of to Arianna Autieri University of Warwick and to Alberto Tondello University College London. Members are invited to suggest proposals for themes and titles before the end of May The announcement for the Giorgio Melchiori Grant will be made immediately after the summer break. The pdf of the text is on the Foundation website and was also sent to all members by email.

Printed copies can also be bought both from within Italy and from abroad by contacting the publisher directly. A call for papers will soon be sent to those who took part in the XII Conference: 29th April is the deadline by which proposals for papers should reach Serenella Zanotti, editor of JSI no. Given the numerous work undertaken by the JJIF, the authors and editors of the series are asked to confer with Bulzoni as to the number of copies to be purchased in order to cover printing costs.

Having verified that there was a quorum, including proxies sent in by absent members, the President opened the discussion by stating that she wished to stand down as president. She will leave her post only after the statute has been modified as laid out in point 3. The meeting agrees, leaving its formal approval until the next meeting, which will thus both modify the statute and introduce the new posts of Vice President and Honorary President, as well as formally deciding who will effectively cover these roles.

At the same time, the resignation of the current president will be confirmed, and the new president appointed. The meeting proposes the candidacy of Jolanta Wawrzycka as member of the management committee and of Fabio Luppi as Treasurer. January 15th Minutes For the assignation of the Melchiori Grant, a commission comprising Franca Ruggieri, Enrico Terrinoni and Serenella Zanotti communicated by email, at 6pm on January 15th Regarding the latter, particular importance was given to originality, clarity of aims and relevance to the field of study.

After much discussion, two names emerged whose academic achievements, CVs and research experience were deemed to be of particular distinction and promise. The meeting ended at 7. Read and approved by email. Dopo ampia discussione, sono emerse due figure di studiosi, la cui formazione, curriculum scientifico e esperienza di ricerca, sono risultate particolarmente promettenti e qualificate. Le domande devono essere inoltrate entro sabato 8 gennaio a: joyce. We invite scholars to send proposals for a minute contribution. The conference will be the occasion to present unpublished papers and works in progress on Joyce to an international audience.

Selected papers will be published.

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Please send abstracts, words in length, along with a short bio-sketch to joyceconference gmail. Accepted speakers can then apply for the Giorgio Melchiori Grants. These intersecting perceptions provided various options for re creating some re newed terms for a conceivable James Joyce Conference Glossary of Exile, remembering this Joycean meeting, which certainly expanded the theory of exile into undiscovered hermeneutic horizons. After the panels and plenaries on the first day of the Conference, the presentation of some recent publications on James Joyce was excellently organized and delivered by Franca Ruggieri, Jolanta Wawrzycka, Giuliana Bendelli, Francesca Romana Paci and Enrico Terrinoni.

With examples from letter and novels, this analysis also focused on identity constructed from the exile and the ways of researching eloquent silence in text and music. While Rebecca M.

Amantea - la gradinata della chiesa Madre, spazio di tutti

The exile of style. Having analysed all these ideas in the works of James Joyce it can be concluded that exile seems to be a challenging theoretical problem. During this Conference some new areas of possible interpretations were opened. Here you can find the membership form and the details to renew your membership. Dopo la pubblicazione nel di Portals of Recovery , di Fritz Senn, vol. At the expiry of the three year mandate next year, a new Board will be elected in the course of the next annual James Joyce Italian Foundation Conference, to be held from Wednesday 30 th January to Friday 1 st February Last year there were 90 paid-up members of the JJIF, while today there are approximately Maria Domenica Mangialavori continues to be responsible for updating it.

Having distributed copies to those present, the budget was read aloud, noting income membership fees and outgoings. The meeting approves. These are reserved for younger JJIF members, but as the applicants were not officially enrolled as JJIF members, the applicants were not eligible and the grants were not awarded. The announcement will be published on the JJIF website soon and letters of application should be sent by 21 st April to: joyce.

In the meantime, members are invited to suggest proposals for themes and titles before the end of May At the end of , the latest volume no. Printed copies can be purchased by directly contacting the publisher. Authors are kindly invited to submit their papers jointly to: joyce. Programme of the Conference which will be held in Rome on 31 January February Dowload the new Membership Form Here you can dowload the new book of the series Joyce Studies in Italy.

Deadline for proposals: November 26, Accepted speakers will be notified by December 15, Accepted speakers can apply for the Giorgio Melchiori Grant. Comunicazioni 2. Elezioni di due nuovi membri del Comitato Direttivo 3. Varie ed eventuali. The second convocation is at The agenda is as follows:.

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Paolo 19 Roma. JJIF is a non-profit association based in Rome. It aims to promote the study and research of European intellectuals who consider James Joyce as an important figure of the literary and cultural tradition. Length of articles : a maximum of 5, words, including notes.

by Monica Mazzone

The Short Story , London: Collins. Morfologie del corpo tra visioni e narrazioni Mimesis, Chair: Colleen M. In Italy the series is available on TimVision and, similarly to the American context, followed by large audience.

Francesca is currently working a new edited collection on women and food in Italian literature, cinema and other forms of visual arts. Sordi, Comedy Italian Style Springer, Such perceptions of aging may result from the generally limited presence of senesce onscreen.

  • Leo und Astix: Der Junge und der Hund (German Edition).
  • Wars in the Woods: The Rise of Ecological Forestry in America;
  • One scoop is not enough - Questione di gusti.
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  • A monograph-length study on the topic of senescence in Italian cinema has yet to be carried out. Scholarship is limited in scope and follows a decidedly gendered division.

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    Working towards the closure of this lacuna, this paper proposes five avenues for future research on aging in Italian film studies: 1. The synecdocal relation of the national Italian body and onscreen representations of death and decline in old age; 2. Sexuality in the silver years; 4. Tradition, transition, and generational conflict; and 5. More meaningful images of old age. Lisa works primarily on contemporary Italian cinema and culture, and is particularly interested in the topics of migration, aging, and masculinity. Her refereed journal articles interrogate the fluid sexual and racial identities of migrant protagonists onscreen.

    Along with preparing a monograph for publication, tentatively titled Screening Sterile Masculinity: On Male Migrants, Italian Men, and the Future of Italy , she is working on a project that investigates representations of aging in Italian cinema. Critics praise his work for its subtle intertextual ramifications, its original editing, its combination of a distant, burlesque and intimistic tone Curnier At first sight, Tableau avec chutes mainly portrays different sites and types of footage related to immigration showing how migrants can reconnect to their roots.

    Her main area of research is Italian border literature. Her most recent research interests focus on trauma literature, cultural memory and Jewish-Italian literature Liana Millu, Giuliana Tedeschi, Luciana Nissim, Aldo Zargani and on the new Italian documentary of the Italian diaspora. Rivista europea di studi italiani.

    From the late s to the early s, the contribution of Italian filmmakers to the development of South American cinema was monumental. Three countries that specifically benefited from the contribution of Italian filmmakers were Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia.

    La Commissione insignisce di Stelle d'oro i progetti dei cittadini

    Moreover, little is known about the contribution of Italian artists to Colombia's silent cinema in which Italian filmmakers have had the biggest involvement. The objective of this presentation is to enrich Italy's filmography by introducing all the Italians artists known to date who significantly influenced the foundation of Colombia's national cinema. Currently, Camilo is conducting research on Colombian silent cinema for his Ph. Ancora oggi, l'attenzione su questa presunta dicotomia rimane non priva di discussioni.

    We intend migration primarily as the movement of people across national borders, as it is represented in film and media, but also the movement of performers, directors, and scripts across different movie industries. Moreover, the maternal bodies represented on the screen interacted with off-screen images of the divas circulating on the magazines of the time, often represented within domestic and family environments, which contribute to define the social meaning of the stars as "mediated texts" and to narrate specific iconographies of the maternal.

    Drawing upon the interdisciplinary theoretical basis of stardom studies and gender studies, this paper seeks to historicize specific discourses on female divismo and transnational motherhood in postwar Italian and Hollywood cinema. She has written widely on film genres and gender representation is postwar Italian cinema and is the author of Ercole, il divo AIEP, She was also co-editor of Italian Motherhood on Screen Palgrave, with Giovanna Faleschini-Lerner and is currently working on motherhood and media representantions.