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If you have multiple development team members, you can restrict their ability to edit data here.

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This, too, is out of scope for this tutorial. Think about the design of your app for a moment. The establishments you track each have lots of data: Name, location and availability of child-friendly options. Record types use fields to define the various pieces of data each record contains. Of course, you can add your own fields. Repeat until you have added all these fields:. Next, click Edit Indexes.

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You need to make recordName queryable by default. You set name to queryable so you can query records based on a specific name. To do this, switch to Data in the drop-down at the top of the dashboard:. This zone will contain the public records for your app.

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Then click the New Record button in the bottom detail pane, as shown in the screenshot below:. The following sample establishment data is fictional. Look for the Images folder.

Build an iOS 13 app with SwiftUI

You might need to click the Query Records button to make the records appear:. On the app side, the data types are different. For example, ChangingTable is an enum. To run the app, you need to have an iCloud account that you can use for development. A CKQuery describes how to find all records of a specific type that match certain criteria. NSPredicate evaluates objects to see if they match the criteria. CloudKit supports only a subset of available NSPredicate functions. The CKQuery Class Reference contains a detailed list of the functions that CloudKit supports as well as descriptions of how to use them.

In Xcode, open Model. If you think back to when you created the two Establishment objects in the CloudKit dashboard, you put them in the public database, in the default container.

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Now, the database will query any Establishment records that exist in the public database. You have two items in the table, and if you select one, most of the details are properly loaded.

However, the details screen is missing an image. These require a bit of special handling. An asset is binary data, such as an image, that you associate with a record. Open Establishment. These records will belong to an Establishment. Add the following fields and then save:. By creating the field notes on Establishment, and establishment on Note, you now have a one-to-many relationship.

This means an Establishment can have many notes, but a Note can only belong to one Establishment. Before you continue, you need to get the Name value of an Establishment record.

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Next, click on Query Records. Next, create a Note record in the CloudKit dashboard, just like you did for the two Establishment records. Still in the Data section of the dashboard, select Note from the Type drop-down. Now, your record will only be available in your CloudKit database. Then change the following values:. Select Save. Next, query your public Establishments and edit the record whose Name you used for the note. It should look like this:. You now have a public Establishment record that has a relationship to a private Note record!

To load the notes, open Note. This looks similar to how you query and download establishments. However, note that the information is now loading from the privateCloudDatabase instead of the public database. To load a note with a relationship to an establishment, open Establishment. This will check to see if your establishment has an array of references, and then load only those specific records. Open Note. You create it with a list of IDs and set its quality of service to make sure it runs in the background.

To run the operation, call add on the private database. Also, go to the establishment where you set the note and select Notes. You can see that the other establishment does not load the note. Debugging CloudKit errors can be tricky.

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Using the numerical error code, look up the matching CKErrorCode enum. The name and description in the documentation will help narrow down the cause of the issue. You can download the final version of the project using the Download Materials button at the top or bottom of this CloudKit tutorial. If you have any questions or comments about this tutorial, please join the forum discussion below! Full access to the largest collection of Swift and iOS development tutorials anywhere!

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