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A quick procedure with the burr and I was on my way. Not only that, but the cashier waved me on, telling me my insurance would take care of the procedure.

National Adoption Month: An Unexpected Blessing - Good Shepherd

I drove home, thanking God for the whole experience. What I had dreaded turned out to be an unexpected blessing.

An Unexpected Blessing: Discovering the Strength and Beauty of Submission

I pray you also experience unexpected blessings this summer, and that you find the benefit of realizing them and thanking God for them! A letter written by Rev. Now we want to do the things that friends do, to relate in the ways that friends relate. What I am learning is this: Ultimately, the great joy of parenting is to come to love and enjoy your children not only for what they are your children but for who they are your friends.


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An Unexpected Blessing

They also worked through challenges like putting boundaries and restrictions in place for the biological mother in order to follow the visitation plan. Ken and Teresa believe their strong family support system was critical. The family was in shock and concerned that they were too old for a newborn. After some thought they agreed to bring the baby home.

The Unexpected Blessing of Nothing Turning Out Like You Planned

We feel it is important for the children to stay with family. They get to know their grandparents and other extended family and to know their heritage.

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Ken and Teresa enjoyed their work in foster care so much, they continued their training and are now licensed traditional foster parents. They are happy to share their knowledge and experiences with other families and to help children have a safe and loving home while they are in care.

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